Vintage prams

Klassieke kinderwagen
Simonis ca. 1910

Prams are available in many types and sizes. Our origin is in Luxury prams ( where we repair and restore old classic prams. We deliver only fully restored prams through luxury prams. However, it has been found that this is too expensive for many. Therefore, we offer ready-to-use prams on this site, these are prams that are cleaned and equipped with at least a new mattress. More information can be found on the vintage prams page.

New prams

Nieuwe kinderwagen wit-wit
Romantic wit

Of course, we do not want to deny our "roots", but there is clearly a need for new prams. You are looking for a new prams? We now also offer new prams, albeit with retro look. These prams or strollers offer a similar comfort to the baby thanks to the suspension and large wheels while also taking comfort in taking the pram for the parents. The prams have massive or air tires! For more information, see the new prams page.

In short, you can always come with us for your new prams and vintage prams.

Random stuff

In addition to the prams you can also contact us for related items such as miniatures and dolls. This range will be regularly updated. You can find this on the Stuff page.

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