Vintage prams

Looking for a vintage pram, but a restored overpriced and unrestored too risky? With us you will find a reliable classic pram, ready for use. A pram should be clean and safe, especially if it is going to be used again for a baby.


It is strongly advised against using strollers as cradles, they are not made for that. A pram generally has a closed body (sides) and the exhaled air can not go away. Normally, a child is in the pram when it is in motion and as a result an air flow is caused in the bin so the air is therefore refreshed. Just spending an couple of hours or an afternoon sleeping in a pram is not a big drawback, but rather not at night. Better are cribs with openwork sides.

Reliable vintage prams

We offer three prices:

1. Take price.
The pram is fleetingly dusted, otherwise the pram is as shown. (cheapest)

2. Usable.
Meaning, ready for use.
These Prams have not been restored, the age is usually more than 40 years and that can also be seen from the signs of use.

  • We clean the pram completely, remove as much rust as possible and polish the chrome. Major damage will of course be repaired.
  • The operation of the pram is checked so that it is fully ready for use.
  • The pram is ALWAYS equipped with a new high-quality mattress and, if necessary, with new tires and / or suspension belts.

3. Restored.
The pram is restored to the condition in which it left the factory. Clean and without damage.

The prices used are always off prices, that is, the prams are ready for use according to our standards and exclusive shipping.
Of course it is always possible to add your personal wishes. This is done on the basis of an appointment or on the basis of subsequent calculation.

Some examples of our restorations you can find at:


Is the pram you are looking for not listed? Then you can always contact us and / or send a photo and provide a search. we can offer more prams than we can show here at the moment.
We will then, if we find the requested pram, inform you without obligation of the price to which we can deliver the pram according to the above standards.

By appointment it is of course possible to view the pram in advance.

The prams pictured here are mostly shown in the storage, so not cleaned in any way, yet.

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